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Pyomeca is Apache-licensed and the source code is available on GitHub.

Citing Pyomeca

If you use pyomeca in your academic work, please consider citing our paper as:

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  author = {Romain Martinez and Benjamin Michaud and Mickael Begon},
  title = {`pyomeca`: An Open-Source Framework for Biomechanical Analysis},
  journal = {Journal of Open Source Software}

Please consider citing the xarray project, which pyomeca is based on:

title = {Xarray: N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python},
author = {Joe Hamman and Stephan Hoyer},
year = {2017},
journal = {Journal of Open Research Software}

Papers using Pyomeca

Contributors and support

Pyomeca is an open-source project created and supported by the S2M lab.